Body Soap

Warming cinnamon oil & antioxidant rich shiitake mushroom

Aroma/ Sweet and spicy with lingering clove and warm pepper.

Element/ Fire

Cinnamon oil is a natural antiseptic and aids in soothing inflammation of the joints, muscles and skin as well as promoting circulation. Shiitake mushrooms contain cleansing antibacterial properties and vitamins to tone skin.These signature ingredients are combined with carefully sourced organic butters and oils, selected for their skin healing and moisturizing qualities.



Earth tones

  • Organic coconut oil, pomace olive oil, sustainably farmed organic palm oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, shiitake mushrooms, soda lye, H2O, cinnamon bark oil, cinnamon leaf essential oil**Essence of the cinnamon plant should be avoided during the time of pregnancy.